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EASA Convention 2017
The International EASA Convention, June 25th-27th - Tampa, Florida, is the largest gathering of companies dedicated to the Electric Motor Industry in North America. The Convention all
Lafert North America will continue to feature the High Performance series of Metric Motors, as well will introduce the extended range of Nema Premium, 6 pole motors, demonstrating how Lafert strives to maintain its position on the cutting edge of technology in the Motor Industry.
"The key focus is to present unique and innovative information to the industry, shattering the perception that all motors are the same. This type of event allows us to show the diversity of Lafert North America and what we can offer to solve problems and push the industry in new directions. Our aim is to increase the level of awareness of the versatile nature within our motor range - the management team at Lafert North America comments. The other factor which may be more important is the strengthening of existing relationships and the development of new contacts. We believe this will build stronger partnerships which will garnish higher levels of achievements”.

On the networking side of the Convention, Lafert North America hosts an annual EASA Party, which is held outside of the scheduled program. Guests can build closer relationships with Lafert representatives.
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